a personal approach

You’re busy, so you might not spend lots of time thinking about the world of tissue products.

But it’s a vital part of your business.

Choosing the right tissue supplier can really lift your business.

If you want better business results, please take a few moments to learn how ABC can help you get ahead. Since we started in 1985, ABC has brought a new spirit of competition to our industry.

We’ve grown through treating our customers as individuals, whether you’re a corner store or a major corporation.

ABC is the only major tissue product company owned by Australians.

We’re owned and managed by a team that’s hands-on involved with every aspect of our business. That way, we can be totally focused on the needs of our customers.

It’s a personal product, and it deserves a personal approach to business.

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a flexible approach

To keep our customers happy, we must be flexible and fast. ABC constantly studies the market, searching for new customer needs and opportunities. Then we custom-design our products to suit the local market.

Our streamlined management style lets us develop new products fast, and bring them to market much sooner than our competitors.

That’s why we’re the manufacturer behind Australia’s most successful generic and private brand tissue products.

So if you have a product idea that would help your business, talk to us. Our job is keeping your customers happy. You’ll find our sales approach refreshingly flexible, too. We believe in an honest approach to business.

If we can help you out, we will.

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unrivalled value for money

When you’re under pressure to deliver bottom-line results, even fractions of a percent count.

The market is always tough.

ABC works hard to deliver the best value for money across our entire product range.

We keep our costs down in every area of our operations. We don’t spend a huge amount promoting our products.

Instead, we focus on delivering maximum product quality, at a price point that sells itself.

For any given quality category, you’ll find that the ABC product will beat our competitor’s price.

Work out what you’ll save over a year’s volume and see how much further you’ll be ahead.